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Terrell Owens Is The Sixth Most Disliked Person In Sports

About to be former Bengals wide receiver Terrell Owens is the sixth most disliked person in sports, according to E-Poll Market Research. Not player. Person. This list includes (not at all) favored owners like Al Davis and Jerry Jones. Not even Mike Brown made the list, though he's not really disliked through national eyes -- just locally. Sorry, Mike. You brought it upon yourself. Hell, you brought it upon your entire family. Not cool man, not cool.

Owens has always been a polarizing player from his days in San Francisco, to Philadelphia (working out in the driveway) to the epic "next question" or the riding the bike during Dallas' training camp with Bill Parcells leering in his direction.

As for the Bengals, his disruptions have been relatively minor. He's called out the coaching staff, ownership and even the offensive linemen during The T.Ocho show, and during an interview with Michael Irvin, claiming that the coaching staff doesn't listen to him. Aside from that, he was Cincinnati's most productive offensive player until an injury late in the season shelved him for the rest of the year. There were rumors surfacing that the Bengals had considered deactivating Owens during the final three games of the year due to his attitude in games and practices, but those rumors were never confirmed and Marvin Lewis eventually refuted them.

According to the list, Albert Haynesworth, Mark McGwire, Bob Knight and Randy Moss were less disliked than Owens. The most disliked person in sports is Al Davis, with "68% of the public" giving Davis the thumbs down with Tiger Woods and Jerry Jones.