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T.J. Houshmandzadeh: I Made My Mark Under Bratkowski

When you're a wide receiver who averaged 98 receptions per season and 25 touchdown receptions over a three-year span, you're going to have praise for the offensive coordinator who gave you that opportunity.

Former Bengals wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh is one.

“I’ll always remember I made my mark under Brat, believe that,” Houshmandzadeh said Monday night from Los Angeles. “I didn’t realize what a good coach he was until l left. Other guys will see that if they leave because he’s all they’ve known. Chad, Carson. In Cincinnati, there’s a tremendous amount of attention to detail. It’s sad, but it happens and things change. If you’re a player you’re going to be  excited because it’s going to be new and different.”

Houshmandzadeh was left weighing between Seattle and Minnesota in 2009 while choosing to leave Cincinnati. The Bengals did try to offer him a deal, but Houshmandzadeh thought it was too little too late. The former seventh round draft pick in 2001 has only combined for 109 receptions for 1,309 yards receiving and six total touchdowns in the two seasons since leaving the Bengals.