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Chad Ochocinco: Marvin Lewis Is A Father Figure To Me

Chad Ochocinco and Marvin Lewis have had a fun offseason, if fun were to mean that Chad gets publicly dressed down by his own head coach.

Not often will we sit in Chad's corner on things that have nothing to do with football. We didn't care for him having his own reality shows, dancing, chatting and dating. We felt it took his focus away from the game. When we were young and naive, we didn't care for his touchdown celebrations because it risked personal fouls and precious 15 yards. We didn't like that he took a stand several years ago when he demanded a trade. In fact, compared to Carson Palmer's demand, we were more than unfair with Chad.

Regardless, the fact that Marvin Lewis kept on pushing at Chad through the media really exempified why people view the Bengals as a chaotic circus. It might be the perfect example of Aaron Wilson's piece that players are want a more serious approach to football without controversies and distractions.

When asked about it during Super Bowl media day in Dallas on the NFL Network, a "mystified" Chad said, "He’s a father figure to me. You don’t reprimand your son if he’s not out of line... but I’ll always love Marvin Lewis."

Maybe father can approach "son" and put broken threads behind them, even if Chad won't be in Cincinnati in 2011.