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BigCatCountry.Com Hosting A Chat With Prospect Quarterback Colin Kaepernick

Carson Palmer is demanding a trade. Cam Newton is doing a socialite media gathering -- ala the hypnotic Keep Up With The Kardashians -- to show just how awesome his daily routine is. Amongst us, the heartfully strong Bengals fan born from the bosom of indefinite misery will chat about the quarterback situation. Water coolers, adult drinking establishments, barbershops, there isn't a place a Bengals fan isn't shaking his head because of what's become of the team's quarterback situation.

That being said, you have a chance to chat with one quarterback heading into the NFL Draft this year. Former Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be joining an a live chat at 6 PM on Thursday at Big Cat Country (SB Nation's Jacksonville Jaguar's blog). [Note: the live chat will go live at 5:45 PM]

Kaepernick was coached by the Bengals coaching staff -- including former offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski -- during last month's 2011 Senior Bowl.