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Flashback: Palmer Owns 22,000-Square Foot Of Land In San Diego County

This posting includes another Lost-style flashback. Don't worry. You actually understand our endings.

On Wednesday a report surfaced that quarterback Carson Palmer, who is demanding a trade or else he'll retire, was putting his $2 million Indian Hill home on the market. Later ESPN Insider Chris Mortensen reaffirmed Palmer's stance that if he's not traded this offseason, he'll just retire. Push "1" if you think Palmer is going to retire. Push "2" if you think Palmer will be traded. Push "3" if you haven't even heard about all of this. Push "4" for prerecorded insults from Richard Lewis that makes fun of the person that pushed "3".

Thanks to team President Mike Brown and the Bengals organization, Carson Palmer is enormously rich, having likely earned well over $60-70 million. So buying a house in a sellers market in California won't be a problem. And neither would be purchasing land. If you even had the need to do so.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribute, Palmer bought land in late September, paying $4.4 million at an auction for a "22,000-square foot vacant parcel" in Del Mar (San Diego County). According to Palmer's representative at the auction, the buyer (Palmer) planned to "build one home and stay here for a long time." We doubt this has much to do with his trade demand at the moment (other than having a place to live during the offseason), though it seems relevant now with recent news. And we have to wonder if it felt disgusting spending what was once Mike Brown's money with the intention of leaving the Bengals high-and-dry without a developmental quarterback or during a year in which the CBA will cause havoc in the offseason.

And we can't possibly think of any reason that Palmer would rather reside in San Diego County as opposed to Cincinnati. I'll be right back, I have to start up my car and let it warm up for 20 minutes.