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Todd McShay's Mock Draft 3.0: Cincinnati Bengals Select Georgia WR A.J. Green

This is for those of you that believe we post too many meaningless posts, Todd McShay released his third Mock Draft this offseason (In$ider) and the first after Green Bay's win over the Pittsburgh Steelers during Super Bowl XLV. And much like his mock drafts before, McShay has the Bengals selecting wide receiver A.J. Green.

Using a top-10 pick on a wide receiver is rarely a wise move, but Green is special. Many wideouts are big and fast, but Green's route-running savvy, toughness, body control and ball skills set him apart from most college wideouts. The Bengals also have needs at defensive end (and could select North Carolina's Robert Quinn), middle linebacker (what's Dhani Jones' future?) and quarterback. (Is it time to draft Carson Palmer's replacement?)

As for positions the Bengals might have to draft, with uncertainties surrounding quarterback and cornerback, the first quarterback selected in McShay's mock draft is Blaine Gabbert, heading to Arizona with the fifth overall pick. The highest prospects at cornerback went to San Francisco (Patrick Peterson) and the Tennessee Titans (Prince Amukamara) with the seventh and eighth overall selections. Da'Quan Bowers (Panthers) and Nick Fairley (Broncos) were gone with the first two picks.

Now, we allow you to back to your jobs and slobbering on your girlfriends. We'll give you an hour.