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A Question Of Possible Scenarios: Could Dan LeFevour Become The Bengals Starting Quarterback?

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Drafted out of Central Michigan University in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft, Chicago Bears quarterback Dan LeFevour completed 19 of 41 passes for 204 yards passing, posting a touchdown and interception for a passer rating of 59.4 pass during Chicago's preseason last season. On September 4, LeFevour was waived from the team during final roster cuts. The Bengals claimed the quarterback off waivers the next day. So what did Bengals quarterback Dan LeFevour think of his first season with the Cincinnati Bengals?

"It was interesting," LeFevour said. "It was a lot of new experiences and [seeing] a lot of new cities, but overall it was a positive experience. There’s so much to learn."

LeFevour was listed as an emergency quarterback through all 16 games of the season, meaning he wasn't activated on the 45-man active roster, but could enter the game if the two quarterbacks named Palmer left due to injury.

Many argue that LeFevour should be granted an opportunity to be the team's starter if Carson Palmer follows through on his supposed threat to retire if he's not traded. Bengals quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese said:

"He had great command of his own situation. He knew every in and out of his offense," Zampese said. "How it was going to happen. He could speak it in a no-huddle situation. He walked me through it on film and we did it on the field. It was a real thorough day getting to know him and his football mind. He’s very versatile and a bright guy. He comes highly recommended."

The truth is, LeFevour is an unknown, being a rookie last year without any game experience. You also couldn't find a handful of people that would argue in support of Jordan Palmer replacing his older brother. Without developing a backup quarterback that could eventually start if called upon, the Bengals hurt themselves (#obviousthingswesay). It's also why the team will stubbornly refuse to trade Palmer, even if it could get them several high draft picks -- not that we think Palmer will.

At the same time, maybe it wouldn't be too surprising if the Bengals convince Palmer to stick around another year, allowing the team to develop another quarterback or allowing them time to check out next year's crop in the 2012 NFL Draft, whenever Mel's draft packet comes out.