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Report: Bengals Hired Two Orthopedic Physicians

According to the Bengals shuttle that docks with the Mothership (ala, Bengals twitter feed), the Bengals have hired two physicians. Dr. Marc T. Galloway and Dr. Kevin E. Reilly will replace Dr. Rob Heidt, Jr. and Angelo Colosimo, who retired earlier this month, citing that juggling team interest against the demands of agents on their agents "has gotten tedious."

While we're not going to make the direction connection because we simply don't know, the Bengals medical staff has been under fire more times than the last three United States Presidents... combined. The issues go back over a decade, to an NFL Players Association survey in 2000 which rated the Bengals medical staff as the worst in the NFL.

It was roughly seven months ago that the medical staff was, unfortunately, headlined, thanks to the team signing Antonio Bryant. After passing a physical he should have never passed, Bryant was forced to continue recovering a knee injury suffered in 2009 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Though missing a major knee issue during a physical is bad enough, the Bengals tried putting Bryant on the practice field during the first session of training camp. Rather than having the luxury of Bryant being a roster exemption through the first six games of the regular season, the practice disqualified the wide receiver from being placed on the Players Unable to Perform list.

The team had to make a decision on Bryant. Let him use a roster spot until he was ready to play or place him on Injured Reserve. Or neither. They released him, signed Terrell Owens who, at one point towards the end of the season, was rumored to have a bad attitude during games and practices that the team nearly benched him. He missed the last three games anyway due to an injury.

The continuing issues with the Bengals medical staff was catalogued in a post headlined - Advice To Bengals Players: Don't Become The Next Misdiagnosis From The Bengals Medical Staff.