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All-Time Power Rankings: Where Do The Bengals Rank?

If you were to put together a list of an All-Time Power Rankings, who would be your number one team? Who would be your worst? How far back in NFL History would you consider for your rankings? Would you go back to a time in professional football where the Cincinnati Reds was also the name of a professional football team in the APFA between 1932-1934. What about the Cincinnati Celts, another professional football team in 1921. Maybe you'll just go back to the original AFL, when the Cincinnati Bengals sported a team from 1937-1941, ended thanks to World War II. Or would you only count the Super Bowl era? Maybe just the Modern era, when the AFL and NFL merged?'s Pete Prisco took on that challenge, putting together the Ultimate Power Rankings.

There are several factors that I used. Among them are winning over the years -- especially in the Super Bowl era -- ownership, fan base, tradition and overall leadership of the franchise in its current state.

Yikes. This doesn't sound very encouraging does it? His number one team, the Green Bay Packers. The Pittsburgh Steelers rank second with the Ravens listed as 13th and the Browns ranked 30th.

The Cincinnati Bengals?

28. Cincinnati Bengals: What have they won since joining the league? Nothing. They've been to two Super Bowls, but that's it. The front office is lean, which is a problem. Owner Mike Brown makes the football decisions, which is a problem. They are considered thrifty, and that's being kind. They do have a great stadium, but they're known as the Bungles for a reason. Their last playoff win was in 1990.

Kind of what we expected, no?