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Around The AFC North: Baltimore Ravens Franchise Defensive Tackle Haloti Ngata

While no announcement was officially made, the Cincinnati Bengals aren't expected to use their franchise tag on cornerback Johnathan Joseph or running back Cedric Benson. While not franchising Benson at $9.5 million seemed like the right thing, the idea of franchising cornerback Johnathan Joseph at $14 million is obviously giving the Bengals pause, provided that they're still indecisive.

However, another AFC North team decided to use their franchise tag on Tuesday.

With defensive tackle Haloti Ngata expected to hit free agency this year, the Baltimore Ravens used their franchise tag on the defensive tackle, holding him for at least a year, which will allow them to negotiate a long-term contract once the Collective Bargaining Agreement is resolved.

Based on Jason La Canfora, defensive tackles could see upwards to $12.5 million guaranteed under the franchise label.

The Ravens is far from the only team actively franchising their own.

The San Diego Chargers placed the Franchise Tag on wide receiver Vincent Jackson, the New York Jets used it on linebacker David Harris and the Philadelphia Eagles used their franchise tag on quarterback Michael Vick, while also using the transition tag on place kicker David Ackers. The New England Patriots franchised offensive guard Logan Mankins. And later on Tuesday, the Indianapolis Colts used the franchise tag on Peyton Manning Tuesday afternoon.

Let's see. Teams that used the franchise tag are the Patriots, Colts, Eagles, Jets and Chargers, to name a few.