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Position By Position Breakdown Of Bengals Salaries For 2011

As you know the Cincinnati Bengals have decisions to make this offseason. One of those decisions is at running back. No, not just the team needing to sign a feature back (be Cedric Benson or someone else), but the team literally needs players. As of this posting, Bernard Scott is on the only running back signed for 2011. Safety is another known issue, with only two signed for 2011 (Chris Crocker, Reggie Nelson) and Tom Nelson like to return as an Exclusive-Rights free agent (if the team refuses to sign him, then he can sign with another team). We need a long snapper, though I can't believe that Clark Harris is that much in demand. But you never know.

Now that we got our mandatory Clark Harris reference out of the way for the year, here's a position-by-position breakdown of player salaries for 2011.

Position Salary Notes
Quarterback $12.075 million Carson Palmer's $11.5 million is the highest team salary in 2011.
Running Back $480,000 Bernard Scott is the only running back signed through 2011.
Full Back $960,000 Fui Vakapuna and Chris Pressley are signed through 2011, each scheduled to make $480,000.
Wide Receiver $7.845 million Chad Ochocinco is scheduled to make $6 million in 2011 if he isn't traded or released.
Tight End $1.525 million Going off base salary alone (which doesn't include bonuses), Garrett Miles is the highest paid tight end heading into 2011.
Offensive Line $10.075 million Bobbie Williams and Andrew Whitworth combine for $6.29 million.
Defensive Line $14.68 million Robert Geathers, Antwan Odom and Domata Peko count for $11.35 million alone.
Linebackers $2.525 million Contracts for Dhani Jones and Brandon Johnson will expire in early March.
Cornerbacks $7.132 million Leon Hall is scheduled ot make $3.037 million in 2011.
Safeties $2.707 million Only two safeties (Chris Crocker, Reggie Nelson) signed through 2011 with Tom Nelson being an Exclusive-Rights Free Agent
Special Teams $1.525 million Two place kickers signed through 2011 and Clark Harris a restricted free agent.