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Vanishing Perspectives

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UPDATE: The article has now reappeared on the site. Hat tip to palewook for the link.

OP: So did anyone else see "The Who Dey Perspective" on this morning? It was in the first story slot to the left below the main picture on the home page and was datelined today, the 17th. The picture for it was a Bengals logo superimposed over the stadium with the words "The Who Dey Perspective." The teaser copy underneath was: presents the debut of "The Who Dey Perspective," a spot where periodically, team spokespersons will bring the club’s viewpoint on key issues directly to readers. The first such offering is by public relations director Jack Brennan.

By the slumbering titan of R'lyeh, thought I, what fresh madness is this? Poor Jack must have hit Mike Brown's legendary Lumina in the parking lot or something to have earned this assignment: he gets to be first to charge the massed torches and pitchforks of the angriest Cincinnati Bengals fanbase on record. Good luck. For the life of me, I can't think of anything that he (or any other club executive) might say about any "key issue" that wouldn't end up bringing down yet another avalanche of scorn and derision on the organization. Bengals fans aren't in a very forgiving mood these days.

But I'm a Bengals fan, meaning that I'm always up for a good train wreck, so I went ahead and clicked on the link. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who thought this couldn't possibly end well, because all that came up was a screen informing me that the story had expired or been removed. A Google search didn't help; I even went as far as to try searching for all the teaser copy. No dice.

But it was fortunate that I did, leaving it in my browser history in the process, since even that, along with the picture, was scrubbed from the official site a few minutes later. Probably a smart move. Will be interested to see if it reappears, and what key issues might be addressed.