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Poll Results: Cincy Jungle Readers Select Defensive Line As First Round Selection

On Monday we created a poll asking what position do you think the Bengals should draft in the first round. The point was simple and hardly scientific. The idea was to get a measure of what fans believed would be the biggest need, while accounting the variables of any NFL Draft -- such as the availability of players, the value of selecting as the fourth overall, is the best available player more valuable than addressing a need. We didn't instruct you to think in those terms because, really, we just wanted your first instinct.

Based on the results, 35% of those who voted said that the team should draft a defensive lineman in the first round. That makes sense, considering the depth at the defensive line this year is deep in the NFL Draft. Twenty-one percent of the vote went to quarterback, which also makes sense for the simple fact that we have no idea how the Carson Palmer deal is going to pan out. Offensive line is always a favorite to draft high in any draft with this team and a wide receiver points out that the current roster of receivers with Cincinnati are hardly a group that installs confidence with fans for next season.

Here are the results.

Poll Results  
The Defensive Line 35%
Quarterback 21%
Offensive Line 17%
Wide Receiver 14%