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Rashad Jeanty Signs With The Philadelphia Eagles

The Cincinnati Bengals released outside linebacker Rashad Jeanty a week before the regular season started in 2010 because he failed a physical. Jeanty spent the regular season out of football, recovering from a broken leg he suffered against the New York Jets in the Wild Card game. A couple of weeks ago, Jeanty began his road back into the NFL, working out with the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets and Seattle Seahawks.

On Sunday, he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jeanty's injury was one of several high-profile misses from the medical staff in the past decade. After suffering a broken leg during last year's playoffs, the Bengals medical staff told Jeanty that he wouldn't need surgery. However, while being a restricted free agent and checking out other teams, the Miami Dolphins suggested that Jeanty needed major surgery to stabilize the leg. His agent released a statement after Jeanty was released.

"It’s tremendously disappointing on the way this has been handled," [Jeanty’s agent, David] Canter said. "We don’t see how the Cincinnati Bengals can do this without any inclination that this was even a possibility. It’s a tad shocking how he was released and was done in a disheartening, callous and unfair manner. The only reason why he isn’t healthy and wasn’t able to pass the physical is because they failed to fully diagnose and mistreated the injury.

Earlier this month, two team physicians resigned, citing "frustration of juggling team interests against demands of agents on behalf of their clients has gotten tedious." The Bengals hired two orthopedic physicians a week later.