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Cincy Jungle: Favorite Football Movie Week One Recap

The Program
The Program

We've been through an entire week in deciding the greatest football movie of all time (according to Cincy Jungle readers) and, so far, every team that was a higher seed to start the tournament will be moving on to the next round. Remember, while we may not completely agree with the seeding of the different teams, they were determined by a combination of IMDB rankings and box office returns.

In day one, No. 1,. The Blind Side, blew out No. 24, Air Bud: Golden Receiver, by 325 votes to 144 votes. In day two, we had a much closer match up between No. 2, Brian's Song, and No. 23, Necessary Roughness: Brian's Song won by a score of 216 votes to 157. In day three, there was another massive blowout. No. 3, Remember the Titans, destroyed No. 22, Little Giants, by 381 votes to 96. Finally, in day four, No. 4, Rudy brought in 388 votes compared to 63 brought in by No. 21, Semi-Tough in yet another blow out.

This week, the first round of Cincy Jungle's favorite football movie tournament continues. We'll see such match ups as Jerry Maguire VS The Waterboy, Friday Night Lights VS Leatherheads and We Are Marshall VS my personal favorite, The Program. Make sure you vote every night so you can be part in deciding Cincy Jungle's greatest football movie of all time.