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Dan Pompei: Eagles Want A First And Third Round Pick For Quarterback Kevin Kolb

Let's play the trade-a-quarterback game for a moment. But first, we have to do the whole disclaimer thing. Trades can't happen until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is signed between ownership and the players. After that, it's back to normal and you can finally transfer the kids from the fallout shelter.

One possible trade that has popped up in conjecture is the Bengals going after Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb. Here's another disclaimer thing: No, we're not talking about the Bengals actually thinking about trading for Kolb. Fans and members in the media are throwing that around as possibilities and we figured we should keep ourselves up-to-date on such matters because in the end, you can never really be certain about anything.

That all being said, what would it cost for the Bengals to trade for Kolb? In short, probably more than what the Bengals would be willing to part with.

According to National Football Post's Dan Pompei the Eagles have put word on the street that they are looking for a first round pick and "something else, maybe a third round pick."

The Eagles are known to be tough trade negotiators, so no one expects them to come too far off their asking price. That price is a lot to ask for a player with a limited body of work, and a potential lockout has the brakes on all trades. So it’s starting to look as if it’s a possibility that Kolb might be back in Philly next year.

That's a first round pick, a third round pick and, unless you're wanting to waste those picks, a costly extension. Of course, trading away Palmer brings you back another pick and mostly likely his departing salary offers the freedom for Kolb's extension. But just because you and I think of it, doesn't mean it's a reality in ownership's mind.