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Around the AFC North: Ravens to Part Ways With McGahee

Just because there isn't any breaking news with the Bengals so far this week, it doesn't mean there isn't breaking news from within the division. ESPN's James Walker is reporting that the Baltimore Ravens plan to part ways with one of the heads of their three headed running back monster, Willis McGahee.

Ravens will cut backup running back Willis McGahee to save $6 million in salary for 2011. But Preston also notes the team could try to bring back McGahee at a reduced rate.

The move seems to be mostly in response to the fact that McGahee was due $6 million in 2011 and paying a backup that much money doesn't make much sense. Walker does mention, however, that the Ravens could ask McGahee to come back to Baltimore but for a reduced rate.

Fullback Le'Ron McClain, another of the three heads, is a free agent now so it is possible that the Ravens could go from having Ray Rice, McClain and McGahee in the backfield to just having Rice in 2011.