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Bengals WR Coach James Urban: Wonderful Opportunity To Work With Coach Lewis

Presidents day is somewhat funny. Aside from taking a day out to honor some of our great forefathers that kicked off the "America is more badass than you" tour in the 18th century, many hard working, god-fearing and country-loving Americans have the day off. But many have to work on Presidents day too. And those people curse those that are able to have the day off. Not that Monday was a big deal, with the state of Ohio directly under heaven's aqueducts and all.


While many Americans had the day off on Monday, the Bengals didn't. Cincinnati Bengals announced several coaching decisions on Monday that filled several vacancies. Paul Guenther will assist defensive backs coach Kevin Coyle after Louie Cioffi left for Arizona. David Lippincott will join the defensive coaching staff as a quality control coach, helping break down film and preparations of the game plans. Additionally, Brayden Coombs returns as a coaching assistant while also taking on expanded roles of being Marvin Lewis' assistant and advanced scouting -- we're sure that that sounds more than what it really is.

All that being said, we're talking about kids with popular fathers with expanded roles and Guenther, who is changing his role from assistant linebackers coach to assistant secondary coach.

The big change is wide receivers coach James Urban, coming from the Andy Reid version of the West Coast offense -- which is a form of the Jon Gruden west offense, which is the older brother of Jay Gruden, the Bengals offensive coordinator.

About joining the Bengals, Urban said:

“This is a wonderful opportunity coming to work with Coach Lewis. It allows me to continue to expand my knowledge base and work in a different organization and contribute to what we’re doing,” Urban said.

On Jay Gruden's offense:

“There are some similarities in the verbiage and the concepts and some familiarity there. I’ve heard great things about Jay and am excited about working with him,” Urban said.