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Jay Gruden: We're Not Going To Discriminate Against Greatness

It was the first episode of the second season of 24. His name was Marshall Goran. Charged with eight counts of kidnapping, two counts of child pornography and first degree murder, Goran promised to testify against a terrorist that Jack Bauer was planning on infiltrating. After shooting Goran in the chest, Bauer looked up at George Mason and said, "I'm gonna need a hacksaw", in a tone that was similar to asking for creamer in his coffee. It's perhaps the greatest quote in the history of 24.

So when asked who the team plans on looking at the combine, Jay Gruden offered his own quote this week.

"We're looking for every position," he said. "We're not going to discriminate against greatness."

We love the energy, Jay. But the question is relevant. There's only one running back signed for 2011. There's Carson Palmer, who is demanding a trade and Jordan Palmer who is a restricted free agent. Of the seven offensive linemen signed through 2011, three have never played a game in the NFL and the only offensive lineman signed beyond 2011 is Reggie Stephens, Andre Smith and Andrew Whitworth.

Wide receivers is relatively in worse shape. Chad Ochocinco, Andre Caldwell and Jerome Simpson are facing their final seasons under contract. Quan Cosby is an exclusive-rights free agent and Jordan Shipley and Shay Hodge are the only wide receivers signed beyond 2011.

While the team won't "discriminate against greatness," they really have no choice. The Bengals have to address every position on offense.