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Do Not Contact Players: Coaches And Executives Could Face Severe Discipline

The thing about Jay Gruden replacing Bob Bratkowski as the team's offensive coordinator, is that the offensive players will need time to adapt to the new playbook, especially with the terminology. Normally players could just call up coach and ask what this means, or any variety of questions that could come up with introducing a new playbook. And considering that it took two and a half years for Jerome Simpson to finally understand Bratkowski's playbook, we literally need Gruden on-call 24-7.

Unless there's a lockout of course.

According to Chris Mortensen (via Pro Football Talk), coaches and "executives" could run the risk of severe discipline if they are caught talking with players during the lockout.

Today Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that coaches and executives will be reminded at today’s meeting that they’re not allowed to have any contact with players once the lockout starts. And Mortensen said coaches will be threatened with fines, forfeiture of draft picks and other discipline for breaking that strict rule.

Truth be told, this is one area where Carson Palmer would step in. After learning as much as he could before the lockout, players could go to the franchise quarterback for answers to their questions. At least the best he could answer them. But now that doesn't seem likely at all.

What's more concerning is that once the lockout happens, whatever hope the team has towards easing Palmer back to Cincinnati fades even more.