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Deion Sanders Rips Carson Palmer For Demanding A Trade

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We've had our issues with Carson Palmer's demand for a trade. And it goes beyond the whole, evil player wanting to leave our beloved city reaction. There's the issue that the Bengals would have to deal with the upcoming owners lockout. There's the issue that the Bengals have no backup quarterbacks able to take over. There's the issue that the draft offers no immediate remedies for Palmer's decision to leave.

If there were backup plans, I wouldn't mind. Adios, I'd say. Find yourself a home where the weather is nice and raise your family. We'd wish nothing but the best. In fact, we'd wish him nothing but the best now because we're actually nice people.

The timing on Palmer's just highlights the issues facing the Bengals this offseason. No running back, linemen heading to free agency, coaches coming and going, no developmental quarterback are just a fraction of the issues facing this team. Palmer's sudden demand was both shocking and ill-timed.

However, one former player, a one-time resident of Cincinnati as a former Reds outfielders, says Palmer just needs to suck it up.

“You are a franchise quarterback. You can’t say I want to leave. Wipe your eyes off and play football. The Brown (family) doesn’t cave. You’re not going to bully those guys by any means.”