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Michael Lombardi on Jay Gruden: "He's an Outstanding Coach"

According to Geoff Hobson on the mothership, Michael Lombardi, former NFL Network general manager and former general manager for Jon Gruden in Oakland, likes himself some Jay Gruden, the Bengals new offensive coordinator.

"He's an outstanding coach. He works hard. What makes Jay appealing is he's been divergent in his thinking," Lombardi said. "In the sense that when you play in all those different leagues he played in (Arena and UFL), you can't always do things you typically do in the NFL. You have to force yourself to think differently and be creative and I think that will certainly happen."

He likes Gruden so much that he believes that he won't just bring Carson Palmer back to the Bengals in 2011, but that he'd revive Palmer's career.

"Who has won a standoff with Mike Brown?" Lombardi asked. "I think (Gruden) will be great. I think once Carson spends some time with him, it will be real good. You're not going to win that battle. That's time tested."

Who says there isn't any good Bengals related news these days?