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Cincy Jungle: Favorite Football Movie Tournament Round One Continued

Varsity Blues
Varsity Blues

Last night we had the closest match up yet. In a barn burner, my personal favorite football movie, The Program took down it's the better known opponent We Are Marshall by a total vote of 206-204. Good job on the voting!

Whether or not you're unhappy with the results, we must move on. Tonight's match up is between No. 8, The Longest Yard (the Burt Reynolds edition), VS No. 17, Varsity Blues.

Before we vote, a little about your match up:

The Longest Yard (1974) is a movie about a prison warden who wants a former professional quarterback to organize a football team from the inmates and take on the guard's team. Will BURT REYNOLDS (not Adam Sandler), lead the motley crew to victory past the guards or will Reynolds take the warden's bribe to throw the game in exchange for an early release?

Memorable Quotes:

Paul Crewe: Nate, if you're thinking about winning this game, then you're as crazy as he is.
Nate Scarboro: Well, maybe so. But you spend fourteen years in this tank, you begin to understand that you've only got two thing left they can't sweat out of you or beat out of you. Your balls. And you better hang onto them, because they're about the only thing you're gonna have when you get out of here.

Varsity Blues is a movie, starring the kid from Dawson's Creek, about a back-up quarterback, John Moxon, who is thrust into the starting role of a Texas high school football team when his friend, and star quarterback gets injured. The head coach, Bud Kilmer, and his new quarterback butt heads about how seriously high school students should have to take sports. Will Moxon lead the Coyotes to a 23rd division title and will he do it with or without his coach?

Memorable Quote:

In America, we have laws. Laws against killing, laws against stealing. And it is just accepted that as a member of American society, you will live by these laws. In West Canaan, Texas, there is another society which has it's own laws. Football is a way of life.

Will a Dawson's Creek alumni pull Varsity Blues past the Bandit or will the original Paul Crew kick Dawson back to high school?