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Paul Alexander: Nate Livings Played Well Enough To Remain Starting Left Guard

When Bruce Coslet came to Cincinnati in 1994 to become the team's offensive coordinator, Paul Alexander made the move with him, becoming the Cincinnati Bengals offensive line coach. And 11 years later, Alexander remains as the team's offensive line coach, with the promotion of Assistant Head Coach when Marvin Lewis was hired by the Bengals in 2003.

While in Indianapolis, Alexander talked about some things about his offensive line. One of those being the team's situation at left guard. Geoff Hobson writes Alexander "feels Nate Livings has played well enough to remain the incumbent left guard."

Is that a vote of confidence? We're not sure. Maybe.

However, Pro Football Focus graded Livings with a score of -7.6, which is 13.8 points worse than Evan Mathis, who only played in 114 snaps -- which is somewhat confusing because Mathis had a base salary of $1.2 million compared to Livings' $470,000. Livings was also credited with the most quarterback pressures allowed in 2008 with 28.

Because the offensive line is based on unity and cohesion, it's always hard to grade and analyze a certain position -- that's why we use Pro Football Focus so much, which details and grades each player on every play. And based on their information, if Livings is given an opportunity to start in 2011, we could be in trouble.

Livings is unsigned for 2011.