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Don't Expect Andre Smith To Make A Move To Guard

One idea that's been floated around from fans, and at times a creatively conjecturing media, is that the Bengals could move Andre Smith from right tackle to one of the two guard spots. Nate Livings and Evan Mathis are without contracts in 2011 and Bobbie Williams' two-year contract expires this time next year. Think of it. Andrew Whitworth and Andre Smith on the left side with Bobbie Williams and Anthony Collins on the left, all flanking Kyle Cook.

That's awesome, right? Just don't expect it to happen.

According to Geoff Hobson:

Alexander says he's not looking to switch Smith to guard "because we've got a bigger need at tackle," and an extended lockout "would be bad for Andre Smith and bad for Paul Alexander."

It continues to baffle us why Anthony Collins, who will be a free agent next season, continues to be dumped on by this coaching staff. As we pointed out on Thursday, with all things considered, Collins brings stability to the position when the team decides to play him. And the Bengals offense responds.

Collins started seven games in 2009 and the Bengals went 6-1 during that stretch while the offense averaged 356.3 yards/game with noticeable improvements in the passing and rushing game.

Additionally, Collins started the final two games in 2010 and it was only the second time all season Carson Palmer wasn't sacked in back-to-back games.