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Cincy Jungle: Favorite Football Movie Tournament Round One Continued

The Replacements
The Replacements

Last night, the underdog Varsity Blues, took down the 1974 version of The Longest Yard. That means that Varsity Blues moves on to the next round with movies like The Program (YES!), Rudy, The Blind Side and Remember The Titans.

Tonight's match up is another good one: No. 9 The Express VS No. No. 16 The Replacements.

A little about the match up.

The Express is the true story of Syracuse's Ernie Davis, the first African-American Heisman Trophy winner. During the civil rights movement, Davis is recruited to Syracuse, with the help of Jim Brown, by coach Ben Schwarzwalder. In the face of prejudice from the school, the town, and even his teammates, Davis and Schwarzwalder help unite the team and lead Syracuse to a national championship.

Memorable Quotes:

Thing is, I don't know how much more is in front of me, and as you see from the number of pages if you've read this far, I did have a few things to say and I'm not sure how to end this, or even if I want to. It's funny. Most people think my life has been all about football. I've even thought that myself. But football is just a game. What matters is what you play for. Sometimes when the game is close and everything is on the line, that's when you forget the crowd and the noise. That's when it's just you against somebody else to see who is the better man. That's what I like about the game. Because at that moment, you are friends and you are enemies and you are brothers.

The Replacements is a comedy about a professional football strike (kind of close to home, right?) and the replacement players brought in to play for them. Led by ex-Buckeye quarterback Shane Falco and coached by Jimmy McGinty, this rag-tag band of players, including a sumo wrestler, soccer player and a convict, come together and compete against the other replacement teams and the professional teams that cross the picket line.

Memorable Quotes:

Listen up! By this time tomorrow the strike will be officially over and you men will be out of a job. Up until now Dallas hasn't been afraid of you, and they should be because you have a powerful weapon working for you. There is no tomorrow for you, and that makes you all very dangerous people!

Will The Replacements beat The Express and be the second upset in a row or will Ernie Davis's true story prevail? Vote to find out.