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UC Bearcats Will Play Two Games in Paul Brown Stadium in 2011

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If you find yourself in downtown Cincinnati on Sundays, frequenting Paul Brown Stadium and you also happen to be a fan, or alumni, of the University of Cincinnati, you're not only just like me, you're in luck. Last year the Bearcats played a home game, that they almost won, against the Oklahoma Sooners at Paul Brown Stadium. Apparently, both the Bearcats and the Brown family were happy with the results of the game, even though it was a loss, because the Bearcats will not only be playing two games in Paul Brown Stadium in 2011, they'll be playing two conference games in PBS.

"We’ve opted to move contests against a pair of our traditional rivals to allow more of our fans to enjoy the experience of these games," athletic director Mike Thomas said in an official statement. "We anticipate the demand for these games exceeding the capacity in our on-campus stadium, but we have a great solution not far off our campus that will allow for more fans to attend the game, more parking and tailgating, and NFL-quality stadium amenities."

The first game will be against the Louisville Cardinals on Oct. 15 and the second will be against the West Virginia Mountaineers on Nov. 12.