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Former Bengals Defensive Coordinator on Jay Gruden

Before the Bengals brought Mike Zimmer, and the expectation to have a yearly top-five defense, to the Cincinnati, Chuck Bresnahan was calling the defensive shots. Once Bresnahan was let go and Zimmer was hired, Bresnaham left the NFL to coach the linebackers for the Florida Tuskers in the UFL for head coach Jay Gruden, who is now the Bengals offensive coordinator.

Now, Bresnahan is back in the NFL, coaching linebackers for the Oakland Raiders after being hired by his old friend Hue Jackson, another former Bengals coach. Working with Gruden in the UFL for two years has left an impression with him, though.

"He's going to be thoroughly prepared every week. He knows what he believes in and he stays with it," Bresnahan said of Jay on Sunday during a break in the combine. "His commitment to his style of offense, he has a passion for it and feels very strongly about it. He's going to challenge you. He's a little bit like his brother, yet he's completely different.

"He's his own guy. That's something he's always very cautious of it. Being related to Jon too much, and his individualism. He's got his own mindset. Having spent that time with Jon in Tampa helped him with the outdoor game, but he knows football."

Bresnahan was sure to point out that it would be a mistake for anybody to classify Gruden as an "arena coach" and that his passion of the game will "trickle down" to his coaches and then to the players and they would all feel his energy for the game.

"He's the son of a football coach. He's the brother of a football coach. He knows football. And he'll have a great relationship with the players, great interaction with the players, the whole deal.

Bresnahan said that he's happy for Gruden and wishes him luck in the NFL saying "it's going to be fun." The two will have a chance to coach against each other when the Bengals host the 49ers this year.