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King: Bengals Will Listen To Trade Offers For Carson Palmer

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Nearly two months ago, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer demanded a trade to Mike Brown, or else he'd retire. Initially, the Bengals said no. Now it appears that the team is easing away from that position, even admitting that they're approaching the new season as if Carson Palmer isn't on the roster in 2011.

We had assumed that simply meant that Palmer would retire if he doesn't return. Now it could mean that the Bengals are willing to trade him.

According to Peter King, the Bengals will entertain trade offers once the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement is resolved.

Talking to one Bengals official over the weekend, I was surprised to hear that whenever trades are allowed after the signing of a new CBA, the team will listen to offers for Palmer.

Even though it might be surprising that the most stubborn executive in professional sports is willing to listen to offers, we highly doubt that Mike Brown will view Palmer's value as anything less than a first round pick this year and perhaps a conditional first round pick in 2012, along with another third round pick this year and three first born sons of European royalty from different houses.

We're completely conjecturing, but it wouldn't surprise us if Mike Brown views Palmer's value far higher than any team willing to trade for Palmer.

Regardless, King is right. It is surprising to hear that the Bengals would at least entertain trade offers.

(h/t to Andrew)