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Jay Gruden: We're Going To Make Everything Right For Carson Palmer

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On the same day of the two Conference Championship games, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer demanded a trade because, as ESPN's Chris Mortensen writes, "he has grown frustrated with the team's inconsistencies." Whatever that means. Sure, there's not doubt that we could come up with a list of things that Palmer means, but the truth is, generalities and vague statements released by an agent provides little insight as to the actual demand. Most players that demand a trade make it known for what reason. And that money is typically money. If we didn't have our own beliefs with an intimate knowledge on the history of Mike Brown, we'd be at a total loss. The fact is, since demanding a trade, Palmer has disappeared. Though to be fair to him, his wife just had their third child and there's nothing wrong with want to spend time with your family.

Before Chad Ochocinco said that Bob Bratkowski wasn't the problem: "I don't understand what the firing was for". But in truth, the veteran wide receiver believes that firing the former offensive coordinator was in response to Palmer's demand for a trade. Chad said at the time, "They'll do whatever it takes to keep him."

On Thursday, during Marvin Lewis' press conference announcing the hire of Jay Gruden, Marvin Lewis responded to a question regarding Carson Palmer, saying "I’ll speak with Carson about (the hiring)." Really? Shall we ask him his thoughts on Global Warming? We're sure context is the issue here. Regardless of the question on whether the hiring of Jay Gruden will pull Carson Palmer back into the fold, there has to be frustration that after the quarterback demands a trade, he leaves under the cover of silence without saying a word. Leadership with all it's grace.

That being said, Jay Gruden is confident that Palmer will return.

"I think everybody's positive (about) him coming back," Gruden said. "There are obviously issues right now with the quarterback, but I think everyone is hopeful we can get a deal done where he comes back and he plays like Carson can play. He's one of the elite quarterbacks in the league and we have to keep it that way and keep him protected and have fun playing football and I think he will do that and if he wants to come back, we're going to make everything right for him."

We're not sure exactly what would make Palmer happy. Will it be Gruden? I suppose at the rate Palmer does things, we'll eventually find out. Unless there's no CBA. Then we'll just watch reruns of Fringe (because it's the absolute awesomest show on TV).