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Bengals Players To Play In Charity Basketball Game At Wapakoneta

Anyone that doesn't think that players and coaches are a charitable bunch, then you can probably blame us for not making you more award of the charity the players and coaches do with their money and time.

According to the Wapakoneta Daily News (yes, not even Wapakoneta is safe from the fierce internet searching madness at, six or seven Bengals players (names weren't released) will help raise money for local sports on April 1st. The players will compete against an area all-star team, which means Jason Shirley is locking himself in his bedroom playing XBox with six two-liters of Mountain Dew and four 35-gallon trash bags of Cheetos so he can be assured of having a working Achilles tendon by the start of training camp.

Approximately six or seven current Bengal players will take on an area all-star team. One of the events organizers, Keith Knoch, said a similar event was held about four years ago with Bengals players to benefit an area youth baseball team.

“We were amazed at the show they put on,” Knoch said. “And they turned out to be pretty good basketball players. The kids really enjoyed it.”

Tickets, hoping to have between 2,000 and 2,300, will cost $9 at the door and $7 in advance with a half-time autograph session.