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Open Thread: Decompression Friday The Fourth

This has been one of those weeks where sometimes you just need to decompress, relax and absorb all of the news coming out of Paul Brown Stadium. The biggest news of the weekend came on Monday when the Bengals announced that they were firing long-time offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski.

Actually, that was really the only news we can remember happening this weekend. There was such a reaction from Bengals fans, that it was "Codename: Explosion Of Awesome Chocolate Orgy Shit". That's what happens when people get too excited. Several words that have no right being grouped together are suddenly grouped together. Sort of like Smoked Ham Kitten Pancakes Cables. Nothing makes sense there. But at least you know that it's just as awesome as an "Explosion Of Awesome Chocolate Orgy Shit." Everything else that happened was shuffled to the backseat. And if you only have two seats because you're giving Hightower driving lessons, then it was thrown in the trunk.

The Bengals hired a new offensive coordinator that, while a new mind coming into the league, he's also relatively unknown. So beside the basic instinct to be excited for change, everything balanced itself out for the sole reason of not really knowing how to react to the hiring.

Regardless. A lot has happened and since you're all my boys and girls, I thought I'd kick off an open thread for everyone to chat a bit. Talk about anything you want. The new offensive coordinator, draft picks or tonight's episode of Fringe.