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Who You Got: Pick A Winner For Super Bowl XLV

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Many of you have heard my rant on it. For many years before my tenth name day, I was lived and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land near Minneapolis. This, my friends, is obviously Vikings country. Days have I spent at the Metrodome, wondering how a white inflated piece of cloth held out all of the cold and snow in the winter. Not well, as we learned a few months ago. Regardless, the Packers making the Super Bowl are fine and all, but I don't have the cheer for them.

Thus comes the flaw.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, more hated in Southwest Ohio than Puppykicker McFadden in South Lebanon, is the other team.

Pounding my temples, an exercise of a psychological thriller (minus the thriller part), I have to simplify my thought process. It's the lesser of two evil arguments. Sort of like the Presidential election. Well, if I cheer for one team, will it cost me later in the long run? And if I picked the Pittsburgh Steelers, you guys would be calling me Puppykicker McKirkendall. Or Canadian.

Who do you have for the Super Bowl?