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Week In Review: Bengals Fire Offensive Coordinator Bob Bratkowski

Perhaps the biggest news out of Paul Brown Stadium this week, if not the offseason, is the team's sudden decision to dismiss offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski. Granted, as fans will point out, it was time to move on after three consecutive seasons in which the offense ranked 20th or worse; this turned somewhat devastating because of the talk surrounding this team's talent level. Of course, one has to argue that in order for a team to have a certain level of talent, they actually have to produce. But that's just trivial banter on my part.

When the team decided to take Bratkowski to the Senior Bowl last week, it seemed that the coaching staff was set and the Bengals were set for status quo, at least in the coaching ranks. Therefore, any news of a coaching change would be somewhat of a surprise; especially those coaches that have longer tenures in Cincinnati. Speaking of which, doesn't it raise an eyebrow when a coach is with the same team for over 15 years? If they're that good, why hasn't another team enticed these coaches with promotions? But that's just trivial banter on my part because we're well aware of the answer.

During the early afternoon on Monday, January 31st, Chris Mortensen sent a tweet that the Bengals fired Bratkowski. Within hours, Cedric Benson was quick to applaud the move, saying:

"It's good to see the Bengals making some moves," Benson said. "It's not just about going back to that '09 style, but being able to fit everything together and use our talent. And we've got a lot of talent and I don't see any drop off if those guys (Owens and Ocho) don't come back."

Carson Palmer reached out to Bratkowski and assured the former offensive coordinator that it wasn't because of him that he demanded a trade. T.J. Houshmandzadeh agreed while Chad Ochocinco thinks the team will do whatever it takes to keep Palmer happy.

No matter how you look at it, the Bengals fired Bob Bratkowski this week. And hopefully shovel passes leave with him.