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Calling All Bengals Writers: Cincy Jungle Needs Bloggers

As Josh mentioned a while ago, Cincy Jungle is expanding. In January alone, we almost hit half a million page views and the numbers will only continue to grow. And that growth may include you. We're looking to give some new Bengals writers an opportunity to have their voices heard by Cincy Jungle's large and faithful readership.

Before you throw your hat into the ring, here's a few things that you should probably know:


  • We're looking to bring on bloggers that have flexible schedules, with more focus on the weekends and some weeknights.
  • We're looking for people that have a strong background in writing and Bengals history. We would also prefer, though not mandatory, if you also have a background in blogging.
  • We are looking for people with good research skills, who know how to present the facts of the latest news. If you can entertain with a twinge of humor, cracking the face of the most hardened Bengals fan, it only serves to help you.
  • We can promise you that your voices will be heard by a large following and your pay will come in the form of knowing that you're working with some of the finest gentlemen in the history of Bengals blogging.


This is somewhat of a new position. Surfers are people that really have no lives (look we don't either, so we're not insulting at all), with the sole purpose of seeking updated Bengals information. The job would be to pass along that information to our writers who can post it on the site.

Remember, what we're really looking for are good writers and surfers who are Bengals fans with flexible schedules. If you think you fit the mold, feel free to email Jason at with some information about yourself and why you think your work should be published on Cincy Jungle.

Good luck.