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Super Bowl XLV Breaks TV Ratings Record

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Once again, according the Nielson Company the Super Bowl was the most watched program in television history with 162.9 million viewers. The previous record belonged to -- you guessed it -- last years Super Bowl. In fact, in terms of total audience, the 20 most viewed programs in history belong to the Super Bowl.

The Packers beating the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV marks the fourth consecutive time that the Super Bowl broke it's own TV record. This should be good news for Bengals fans. I don't know about you, but before the game Started Sunday night, I was worried that I would actually die if I had to watch the Bengals go 4-12 and then watch the Steelers win their seventh Super Bowl all in one season. Thankfully, the Packers saved me.

If you're still upset with the Bengals, look at it this way: Even though our team wasn't good this year, we got to watch our hated rivals lose the biggest game of the season in front of the largest audience in the history of TV.

Feel better?