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Bengals Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden Didn't Expect To Get The Job

Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden recently spoke with 700 WLW's Lance McAlister after he received the job last week. When asked if expected to get the job, Gruden said he didn't and that "it’s the first time that I ever interviewed for a National Football League position."

I worked with my brother for seven years, I"ve always been content where I was. I coached in the Arena League and then I coached in the United Football League and never had a desire to move because I'm in Orlando, my kids are growing up, they love school down here, but the recent development of the UFL moving to Virginia and things like that I thought it would be nice to maybe make a move. Coach Lewis called me, asked if I would interview, so I went up there and presented my offense to him. He offered me a job which was a total surprise and I’m excited about it."

Lance would go on to ask Gruden what style of offense he would employ. While he called it the West Coast, Gruden detailed the offense a little more saying that "we come at you with a lot of formations and personnel groupings and we try to create matchups and feature our best players and give them a chance to succeed."

On people saying he's too inexperienced for the job, Gruden said:

"There’s going to be doubters and haters all the time. It’s my job to prove them wrong. Right now they’re correct. Never called an offensive play in the National Football League. I’m young and inexperienced to some degree so it’s my job to prove them wrong. First of all my first job is to convince the coaches we have a good plan and convince the players that we have a good plan. It’s my job to get them to execute to the best of their ability."

(h/t to Sports Radio Interviews for transcribing the interview)