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Darrelle Revis: Bring Chad Ochocinco To The New York Jets

The New York Jets reportedly have 17 players that will hit free agency this year, including cornerback Antonio Cromartie, linebacker David Harris, kick returner Brad Smith, defensive ends Shaun Ellis and Trevor Pryce and wide receivers Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes. Last week, New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis talked to the media about bringing back Cromartie, saying:

“I hope Mike Tannenbaum and Rex pull for the guy to keep him here,” Revis said. “He played a big role in our defense and he helped out a lot, made a lot of plays.”

Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and Revis have developed a sort of friendship. When Chad developed his own news network, the OCNN, the wide receiver hired Revis as a correspondent. Revis is starting to politick through the media to bring the Bengals wide receiver to New York.

“I want Chad to come here and play for us, to be a Jet,” Revis told New York Metro. “I’ve been in his ear a lot about it this week.”

Revis thinks Ochocinco would be a good fit in Rex Ryan’s system.

“I think he could do well here,” said Revis. “I’ve been telling him to come here.”

As Gang Green Nation writes, "Revis is becoming quite the general manager." Chad Ochocinco said, during the T.Ocho Show earlier in January about the Jets:

"They will make it to this point every year," Ochocinco said, according to the clip. "I'd do anything to play for someone like Rex Ryan or anyone who has that type of mentality." Owens follows that with, "I'm jumping on that bandwagon, too, because I was thinking the exact same thing, Chad."

That being said, it's all for naught if the Bengals don't release Chad or, I don't know, throw out a few trade inquiries. The Bengals wide receiver is signed with the team through 2011.