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Jay Gruden: We'll Be Easily Adaptable To Certain Situations

The truth is, when we wrote about the offensive line earlier on Tuesday, our meaning was to focus more on Jay Gruden and his press conference on Monday. Now you see how sometimes that our intentions can completely deviate to another subject all together sometimes. It's a rough job, yo.

While we fully believe that the Bengals offensive line needs to be rebuilt for the Bengals passing offense to resemble something that looks effective, there's a lot to be said about the system that will be employed in 2011. Geoff Hobson wrote that one "criticism of the previous regime had been the slow amount of time it took for routes to develop downfield, such as comebacks, digs and outs, putting the quarterback under duress to make perfect throws."

That's obviously rectified with an offensive mind that not only adjusts to what the opposing defense is bringing, it's also remedied by integrating a completely new system that will correspond by using the talent you already have. In other words, adjusting.

"A lot of quick throws involved in the West Coast offense," Gruden said. "Let the receivers do some work after the catch. The backs, tight ends catch the ball, run upfield and make them miss and do things after the catch. It's very important to have very good receivers and obviously good tight ends and backs that can protect and run routes. Everybody has to play a major role."

Fans of Bernard Scott (aka, every single Bengals fan in the world) will be thrilled. Gruden continues:

"It's diverse. It's multiple. Multiple formations. Multiple personnel groups," Gruden said of his scheme. "It's the ability to do a lot of different things with different people. That's important. Because if you bank your system on two backs and one of your backs goes down, you have to have a one-back offense. If you bank your offense on a two tight-end, three tight-end offense, and one of your tight ends goes down, you've got to be able to adjust. The best part of this system, we'll be easily adaptable to certain situations that come up in the course of the game.

Let's repeat that final sentence.

The best part of this system, we'll be easily adaptable to certain situations that come up in the course of the game.

Like most of you, I'm in wait and see mode. Let's see how it works out in the regular season before going all girlie fan balling at the sight of Justin Bieber mode. Still, if Gruden were campaigning for a seat on city council, I'd be inclined to vote for him based on what he's said so far. And yes, I would actually vote for a city council candidate chatting about the West Coast offense with the press. How could you not?