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Report: Carson Palmer Putting His House On The Market

While everyone else was gearing up for the Conference Championship games several weekends ago, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer and his agent, David Dunn, made sure that Bengals fans would spend little time enjoy it by demanding a trade. Awesome, Bengals fans thought. What would a day be without a little Bengals adversity mixed with it? It's not like we actually enjoy sitting on the couch, thinking to ourselves, "ah, a day without adversity with the team is like a day in paradise."

Bengals owner Mike Brown said that the team isn't trading Palmer, who has threatened to retire if he doesn't have his demand answered favorably. Dunn released a statement, somehow thinking it would appeal to Bengals fans, that a mutual split was needed. Dunn also said he was expected to meet the Bengals "in the next couple of week." And that was nearly a couple of week ago.

The Bengals fired offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski and hired AFL superstar Jay Gruden to call the plays because, well, the offense simply stunk and the Bengals believe it would help to get Palmer back into the mix.

On Wednesday, WCPO's Dennis Janson, by way of (the KY stands for Kentucky), writes Channel 9 Sports has "learned that Palmer is about to list his Indian Hill home for sale."

A local Comey-Shepherd representative confirmed that preparations are being made to put Palmer's residence on the market, hopefully by March.

If you're thinking that this is similar to New Orleans head coach Sean Peyton purchasing a house and moving his family to Dallas, think again. In Peyton's case, it's for personal reasons about his family. In Palmer's case, he just wants to leave. Desperately. Like Cincinnati is ground zero for a Zombie Apocalypse. Janson writes that Palmer is telling "friends the organization doesn't believe he's serious about wanting to play elsewhere."

Aside from actually retiring, Palmer has no leverage to demand a trade. He's signed through 2014 and quite frankly, his play from the past 3-4 years has been bad enough that other teams aren't likely to bang down Mike Brown's door. Thankfully, too. Otherwise Hamilton County would sport the bill to replace Mike Brown's door. Except with gold trim and a knocker made of pure diamonds.

So we can consider this Palmer's next power play. Brown, you're up.