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Macs Football Blog: Franchise Tag For A Cornerback Projected At $14.3 Million

David Harris is expected to get it. As is Michael Vick. Some question is if should be used on Peyton Manning.

Teams will be allowed to apply the franchise tag on a free agent starting on Thursday through February 24. On the other hand, as the NFLPA points out, the franchise tag is meaningless until a new CBA is agreed. Joy. More negotiations through the media. Positively love tweets fill up my TweetDeck. Yes, yes.

The Bengals have used the Franchise Tag in the past, using it on defensive end Justin Smith, offensive tackle Shawn Andrews and place kicker Shayne Graham.

The two leading candidates for a franchise tag this year is cornerback Johnathan Joseph and running back Cedric Benson.

According to Macs Football Blog, the 2011 Projected Franchise Tag tender for a cornerback could reach $14.354 million, which is nearly a $5 million jump from 2010. The projected Franchise Tag tender for a running back could cost $9.864 million, which is a $1.7 million jump from 2010.

Now it's just a matter of figuring out how we should write a proper goodbye to both players.