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Bengals Off Season: What's Your Grade So Far?

It's been an incredibly busy off season for the Cincinnati Bengals so far, which means we here at Cincy Jungle have been busy, and we're just getting started. It started with the re-signing of head coach Marvin Lewis, then came the news that quarterback Carson Palmer demanded a trade. After that the Bengals coaching staff got a good look at this year's draft talent when they coached the Senior Bowl in Alabama. Then, just when it seemed that no coaching changes would be made, the Bengals shocked us all by firing offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski, and shortly afterward, hired UFL superstar Jay Gruden.

All of this has been combined with rumors of Chad Ochocinco marketing himself to the Patriots, Raiders and Jets, Cedric Benson's satisfaction with the signing of a new offensive coordinator, the Bengals (specifically Andrew Whitworth) getting snubbed in the Pro Bowl and our hated rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, losing the Super Bowl.

Whew..... did I miss anything? I'm sure I did.

So, considering how much has happened since the season came to an end, how would you grade what the Bengals have done or haven't done so far this off season?