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Bengals Safety: "I'll Be Running Around by May"

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Geoff Hobson wrote from the mothership on Wednesday that Bengals safety Chinedum Ndukwe, who is in the middle of rehabbing his MCL tear he received while tackling Rashard Mendenhall in Pittsburgh on Dec. 12, feels that his knee will be good enough for him to be running around by May 1, even though he doesn't know where that will be.

Ndukwe, one of the Bengals many unrestricted free agents, remembered exactly what it was that caused his knee injury.

"Pittsburgh's damn grass," Ndukwe said. "My foot stuck and somebody got pushed into my knee. It was either let Mendenhall keep going or save the knee. I didn't think of it like that at that point. I knew I had to tackle him, but I really couldn't get my leg out there."

Ndukwe, a seventh-round pick out of Notre Dame in the 2007 draft, has played his entire career in Cincinnati. He's played in 53 games while in stripes, racking up 166 tackles, eight sacks, six interceptions, has two defensive touchdowns and has forced one fumble. He has performed well throughout his career in Cincinnati and the Bengals would probably be smart to attempt to re-sign him before the CBA expires. Since the Bengals are likely going to address the safety position in the upcoming draft, Ndukwe would be a good player to add some experience to the secondary in the next couple seasons.

Josh wrote earlier today that Ndukwe will be presented the City of Cincinnati Proclamation on Thursday by Mayor Mark Mallory for his work educating children in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.