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Hobson: Bengals Remain Adamant That Carson Palmer Won't Be Traded

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Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback reference on Carson Palmer drew some surprises, many welcomed, in which the Bengals would listen to trade offers for the team's franchise quarterback. It makes sense. If Carson Palmer intends to follow through on his demand to retire, then the Bengals will be without anything. A trade gives the Bengals something. And it's likely that if Palmer sits out a year, his trade value will fall and the team might have more trouble unloading the $50 million remaining on his four-year deal.

While there seems to be enough proactive work to finding a quarterback that could start for the team in 2011, the Bengals really aren't proactive in finding Palmer a new home, per Geoff Hobson.

All I know is that when the Bengals left for the NFL scouting combine last week, the word was that Palmer was going nowhere. So, maybe they’ll listen to offers. Maybe they’ll take the calls. But the clear sense was that they were adamant Palmer would not be traded. No question they are looking for his (replacement) in the draft and maybe they can be  moved by the right price. But, at the moment, they aren’t looking to trade him.