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Hobson: Don't Expect Bengals To Draft A QB In First Round Or A Defensive Player In The First Two Rounds

Based on the many Mock Drafts being regurgitated about the world, Auburn's Cam Newton and Missouri's Blaine Gabbert are the top quarterbacks prospects, generally selected within the first 15 picks in the first round. If the Bengals want either quarterback, they'll have to use their fourth overall draft pick to select the quarterback. There's a chance that the Collective Bargaining Agreement could be resolved by the NFL Draft, allowing the Bengals to trade Carson Palmer to acquire a second first round pick. But we're not counting on it.

If the Bengals do grab a quarterback in this year's draft, then Geoff Hobson says look for the team to select "competence over flash" and that player won't be selected with their fourth overall pick.

They want a guy that has a good enough arm to stretch the field, but above all is accurate and smart and is going to be protected by the running game. They don’t need a Heisman Trophy winner, but a quarterback. No. 4 looks too high for it right now.

In fact, the Bengals don't plan to draft a defensive player in the first two rounds.

All indications are this is going to be an offensive draft in the first two rounds for the Bengals even if they lose cornerback Johnathan Joseph to free agency.

Does that point to Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green? This year's shiniest hood ornament?