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A Quick Review: The Bengals Have Drafted Six Wide Receivers In The First Round

Whether or not you're of the position that a wide receiver selected so high in the draft is a complete waste -- compounded by the fact that the team has no idea who the quarterback will be -- all indications point to the Bengals taking a heavy look at Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green fourth overall.

The Bengals have selected six wide receivers in the first round in franchise history and only one since drafting Tim McGee in 1986 -- Peter Warrick with the fourth overall draft pick in the 2000 NFL Draft. A quick review.

Wide Receivers Selected By The Bengals In The First Round
Player Year Selection
Peter Warrick 2000 4th
Tim McGee 1986 21st
Eddie Brown 1985 13th
David Verser 1980 10th
Billy Brooks 1976 11th
Isaac Curtis 1973 15th

There's five Pro Bowls, between The Six receivers selected in the first round and four of them belong to Isaac Curtis, selected 15th overall in the 1973 NFL Draft. The other being Eddie Brown's Pro Bowl in 1988.

Of the 40 seasons played by all six wide receivers, only two resulted in 1,000-yard seasons -- Tim McGee in 1989 and Eddie Brown in 1985.

Here's The Six's careers while in Cincinnati.

Player Seasons Games Rec Yards TDs
Peter Warrick 5 66 264 2,811 18
Tim McGee 8 121 282 4,703 25
Eddie Brown 7 102 363 6,134 41
David Verser 4 49 23 454 3
Billy Brooks 4 45 93 1,683 7
Isaac Curtis 12 167 416 7,101 53