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Bengals Will Invite Quarterback Cam Newton For A Private Workout

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Even though the Bengals might be shying "away from Cam Newton" with quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese attending Arkansas' Pro Day, the Bengals will invite the Auburn quarterback for a private workout, according to Evan Silva. Newton will also visit the Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns.

This doesn't mean Newton is a shoe-in to be become a Bengal if he's available. NFL teams can invite up to 30 prospects for a private workout and the Bengals would be wise to gather as much information as possible.

With a source close to Carson Palmer saying that the quarterback is at peace with his decision, the Bengals have to plan for a future without the "franchise" quarterback. Ideally, they pick a quarterback that's lock and loaded for the NFL with a gun that could replace the former God of the Golden Arms. Unfortunately, some are calling Newton and Gabbert benefactors of a dry quarterback class, forcing teams to reach because the options are limited.

(h/t to Cbyers)