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Curran: Chad Ochocinco Has Lost His Nerve And Work Ethic

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Since his epic "trade me" campaign several years ago resulted in nothing more than an offseason distraction, Chad Ochocinco is becoming more known for his television stardom -- well, "stardom" -- his active twitter usage, his mobile game Mad Chad and high profile engagement among other things. we believe football is involved at some point, but no one would blame us if we perceived football being secondary for the receiver.

And it might be true. According to New England Patriots beat writer Tom Curran, a "well-informed source" told him that Chad has "lost his nerve and work ethic."

Chad has skipped offseason workouts in recent seasons, giving the impression he'd rather shag it up in Miami or California, while his teammates were on the field in Cincinnati putting their working in. And it might show. Since posting 1,440 yards receiving (a career-high) in 2007 with 93 receptions, Chad has averaged only 64 receptions, 806 yards receiving and five touchdowns. At one point, it even caused the generally introverted Carson Palmer (well, introverted at the time) to call out Chad for not being with the team during offseason workouts, even though they were voluntary.

He is entering the final year under contract with $6 million due in base salary.