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PFT: Bengals To Invite Idaho Quarterback Nate Enderle

The Bengals plan to invite Auburn quarterback Cam Newton for a private workout at some point, in their quest for contingencies if Carson Palmer's resolve to leave Cincinnati remains strong. What do I mean? The Bengals are likely still convinced that Palmer will either play for them or not at all. They're going to try calling his bluff. And Palmer is at peace with the decision if he's forced to retire. That's what we call a stalemate.

In the meantime, the team isn't sitting on their hands for potential replacements.

Along with Newton, the Bengals might be inviting Idaho quarterback Nate Enderle. Might? We'll not entirely sure because we can't get it confirmed. But on Pro Football Talk's prospect visit and workouts tracker, Enderle is scheduled to visit the Bengals at some point in March.

Enderle's career stats at Idaho
2007 132 298 1,787 44.3 10 18 93.66
2008 184 339 2,077 54.3 20 17 115.18
2009 192 312 2,906 61.5 22 9 157.27
2010 271 478 3,314 56.7 22 16 123.43

According to ESPN's Draft Profile, Enderle scored above average in "leadership" writing:

Pulled from San Jose State game but responded with a strong showing at Hawaii the following week. Flashes above-average poise in high-pressure situations. Tough competitor who is willing to get downfield and looks to put defender on back on reverses.

He also scored above average in pocket mobility, while scoring averages on decision-making, accuracy and below average on arm strength, release and durability.