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Tom Zbikowski And Chad Ochocinco On The Radio: A Future Match?

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Baltimore safety Tom Zbikowski doesn't have to worry about the Collective Bargaining Agreement, he's already got a gig. And that gig kicks off Saturday night in Las Vegas with Zbikowski entering the ring for his second professional fight as the undercard for the Miguel Cotto/Ricardo Mayorga fight. Richard Bryant (1-2) is his 35-year old opponent. Zbikowski has fought in 90 matches as a Golden Gloves amateur with one professional win under his belt, so he knows what he's doing.

Earlier this week the Ravens safety challenged Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco on the Dan Patrick show saying, "I’d let it go for about 45 seconds and then I’d let him know what a real jab feels like." Thus began their back-and-forth-on-twitter... until they both joined ESPN 1000 in Chicago with the Afternoon Saloon.

Asked about a potential Ochocinco and Zbikowski fight, the Ravens safety said:

"Yeah I’m waiting to. I know he started boxing I guess over a year ago or something and we play them twice a year every single year. I talk to him a little bit when we play him and stuff, but I know we’re trying to invite him to the fight and I’m getting my promoter to see if we can talk to his agent and maybe work out a deal for a fight."

When asked if he would fight Zbikowski, the more established fighter, Chad Ochocinco said:

"Yeah most definitely. I mean Chicago is good, but with me and Zib fighting we can probably go sell out the MGM Grand easily."

Would it be bad for us to say that we don't believe Chad would get through the first round?